Who is Kryon


Kryon: A universal energy

I am introducing Kryon different from other times, because, in fact, it wants a new wider introduction of its energy. In the past, we were not prepared in the consciousness of humanity to move toward a fuller meaning of the Master of Magnetic Service.

Today, we are going to talk about the origins and expansion of this energy throughout planet Earth and the Universe. The first arrival of Kryon to humanity made us start taking a conscious contact of this energy. It took several years to become familiar with this energy to nowadays ascend to a new level of understanding of it. I realize that part of our consciousness has been preparing and expanding its own gates to understand more and more.

Today you will meet a Universal Kryon, representative of a much wider and expanded energy what we have perceived so far. Today you will meet the Universal Energy of Magnetic Service (U.E.M.S.) and you will see how this energy has its “correspondents” in each galaxy or system of this infinite universe.

One of the Seven Hermetic Principles is “As above, so below”. I think is wonderful to realize how it has been summarized, in an apparent simple phrase, a universal truth that transcends the boundaries that our soul can grasp now. We will be guided by this principle “As above, so below” to understand the Universal Energy of Magnetic Service. The entire Universe is life. It is energy in motion and expansion.

All terrestrial bodies have life and spirit in different dimensions. Everything that exists has a magnetic field. If everything that exists has a magnetic field, the Kyron’s service is everywhere. If we look closely at the skin of our hands, for example, we can observe cellular tissue, the same that a macro-level allows us to be part of this great hologram: life. If we look more thoroughly and we are aware of the micro particles, we would realize that each of them has its own magnetic field and in turn, together with all other particles in the system form a single magnetic field. Kryon is there.

However, we understood Kryon as an angel with wings and human physiognomy; this may change things a bit. That understanding was appropriate to begin to approach to this divine energy, but Kryon is much more than that, Kryon is a multidimensional consciousness that dwells in the eternal now and has no shape. In fact, this consciousness dwells “in the shape” as a spirit that makes possible that the quantic machinery works. Kryon is within you now, because if you are made of magnetic fields, the service that the Interdimensional Master provides is there.

Identifying Kyron’s energy from the micro, we can get and expand our consciousness to the macro.

Magnetic fields are generated by energy. If everything is energy, magnetic fields exist everywhere. Well, these magnetic fields exist on our planet and throughout our galaxy, but you ever wonder: Who rules the magnetism in other schools in the Universe? There are also regents of this service there.

There is a universal consciousness that rules magnetism, but that energy is detached (as we of the Higher Self) and takes a specific form in different systems and galaxies. With this, we are saying that there is a super consciousness of Magnetic Service and that this universal consciousness has its representatives, who lead the service in different galaxies. The accumulation of these representatives builds the Universal Collective Consciousness. Therefore, God is a collective energy that acts in unison and in turn, each part does its work functionally. Each service contributes to the working of the Universe and keep it alive in abundance.

Thank you Kryon for your service in our Galaxy! Thanks for letting us evolve and nurture our soul and spirit with your wise teachings!

By María José Bayard
Fragment of the Manual Level 1 Self-healing, Quantic Symbols of Kryon Technique

Who is Kryon

Kryon is an angel coming from the Great Central Sun, of the universal family, the divine source, the origin of everything: the interdimensional life.

The energy of the name KRYON prints implicitly the imprint of all the retinue that builds him on an interdimensional level. If you mention his name, “Kryon”, you will be mentioning a group consciousness within “himself” and each of the consciousness by separate, sound funny ¿isn´t it? Nevertheless, let me explain the meaning of it.

We as human beings are made of millions of cells. Each cell is a consciousness in itself, it life by itself. In the book “The astrology as occult science”, the author Oscar Adler states:

(…) “Fechner sets off from the fact that our body is built by millions of the smallest alive creatures: there so called cells. Each one of these cells have a relative independent existence, has a life of its own granted with all the elements inherent to it: metabolism, absorption, secretion, development, multiplication and death…” (This is a fragment of the text of the book of Oscar Adler “The astrology as occult science” – Kier Publishing house.

Therefore as human beings, we are made of millions of little lives that vibrate independently from each other but at the same time, all together ringing at unison, they form what we call: human being. Each cell has a consciousness of its own and consciousness of all the other cells; they are united and connected with each other.

If we follow the above example, the thousands of cells would be the angelic entities and KRYON would be one of the thousands of angelic entities (cells) vibrating at unison (our human body is an image and likeness of the exterior and interdimensional world). The result of the multiple consciousness of the cells vibrating at unison is a 4D human being and the multiple angelic consciousness that live on the other side of the veil are the result of one entity KRYON.
This will be a tri-dimensional example of what a real consciousness is in reality interdimensional, but it brings us closer to the desire to share who is Kryon.

Then on the other side, we can see exactly the same picture from a different perspective:

As human beings, we are not only the walking being that we see and touch. Inside that human case, we have incarnated in one entity and have multiple profiles at interdimensional levels, like my case: María José.

Meaning that María José is a result of multiple profiles that work at unison and look like one 4D entity. Internally and interdimensional María José has a profile of a loving María José, an angry María José, sad, etc. interdimensional María José has archived thru all her experiences many states of consciousness that built this entity and created various profiles in her interdimensional field, but come to stage in everyday life 4D when the situation requires it. Therefore we are made of multiple profiles that we created along our actual and past life, that are integrated in one entity, in this case María Jose now, in this incarnation.

With the following example, I wish to transmit the analogy regarding KRYON the entity.

KRYON himself is made of multiple consciousness and entities, but together at unison, make KRYON the interdimensional angel who send many messages to humans in planet earth, whom receive his teachings and transmit them to humankind to collaborate in the evolution process in our DNA, to help us activate our divine essence and guide us to establish a communion with eternal God: ourselves in our multiple dimensions.

Therefore, if we are made by multiple consciousness in one profile or human case, Kryon is formed of many entities that together create the identity of KRYON OF THE MAGNETIC SERVICE.

Kryon of the Magnetic Service

We already know that Kryon is a bundle of consciousness ringing at unison, but from now on I will call Kryon as one entity, this will make it easier to communicate his messages without clearing each time that he´s many entities.
Kryon is the angel of magnetic service.

I would like to break down this two words: “Service” and “Magnetic” so that we can unify the spirit of package that is Kryon.

“What does Service Mean?”

The real academy of English says “action and effect of serve”.

Singularly I add that is something that is at the mercy of something or someone… All humans and life are to the service of someone or something. If we think about if from MACRO to MICRO, we can say that:

The universe is at the service of life, thanks to him we can live and be born in a planet that is in a system, that has a principal sun whom provide life and heat, at the same time this system is within a galaxy.

The earth, the soil, are at the service of the plant kingdom who feed from her to grow. At the same time the mineral kingdom, animal and ourselves use the service that earth provide us to live and walk…

At the same time vegetables (and some animals) that are born are at the service of human as food. Vegetables are at the service of some animals, who feed from them to survive, at the same time some animals feed human beings.

To get into detail, we see in animal kingdom that there are animals that are at the service of other animals they feed them to survive.

If we see the human system, we see that everything is at the service of something or someone else, a lawyer, an accountant, a doctor, an electrician o the sale of a product or a service in general. The human is at the service of someone else. The life on earth has a structure to work in as a service chain and needs to fulfil. Is a chain, where are no disconnections, but connections within, vibrating at unison so that everything keeps working, in harmony and balance.

As human race, we are at the service of a universal plan. What I really want to transmit with this example is the spirit and understanding of the “service” itself.

The sign of Virgo, in astrology, it´s identify with the archetype or model of the virgin. At the same time this model or image represent GAIA, mother earth, mother of all mothers… In the “Virgo” sign, we see the attributes represented by the words “system”, “service” and “part” which are fundamental to build the meaning of this energy.

Virgo is a walking example of the spirit of “service” watch any person with this sign as sun and you will see in most of them the spirit of service, humbly, accepting being part of a system and that he is not “the most important part” but “one of the parts that the system needs to run properly”.

The spirit of service “to be at service as part of the system that we are”.

Kryon is part of the life system, of God, of all, is a part that is in charge of the maintenance of the magnetic service.

About Magnetism

Everything is magnetism.

If we say, magnetism is everywhere, Kryon of the magnetic service too.

We are all Kryon, or Kryon is everywhere or better to say the service of Kryon can see life itself.

I often wondered why Kryon had a special resonance in me… besides I see people with the same situation, they ring strongly with the same loving entity. A few days the spirit showed in my conscious the following:

All in earth incarnate with the consciousness – KRYON – since we all live within a magnetic system. Our DNA, GAIA, we are humans are formed by magnetic fields. We all vibrate with the loving energy Kryon; we are Kryon, we are part of the service this entity bring along with his entourage”.

Knowing and activate Kryon in our consciousness take us directly to activate the love from the universal source that we are part of, therefore, it creates a warm dejavú and memory of home. Every time we pronounce his name, we also implicit say:

We are part of this huge system and the collective soul – God – and the collective energy of light within us interacting always with human life, even If we cannot see it with our fourth-dimensional consciousness.
The existence of the whole plan and divine design we realize to be here today…
We mention the absoluteness we belong to, our original family, the source, God…
Then ¿Why Kryon of “magnetic service”, who is?

Is an entity who is “at the service”, being an active part of the universal family, of the magnetism of the system.
The DNA is magnetism and Kryon thru his messages is helping us expand our 4D consciousness to a 5D consciousness to ascend and evolve our DNA, activate the light in it and the communion with our higher-self.

How to feel Kryon

Ever since I started channelling Kryon I had various stages. As I walk thru the path, I feel him in different ways:
Of course, at the beginning, I had many troubles and a part of my human consciousness didn´t want him, he guided me thru the path of truth and I found the path of harmony that I needed to be at ease to what was happening to me.

Channelling Kryon was a very important challenge in my life. For me channelling Kryon means go thru every change and events that will become a teaching and a message he wants to give to humankind. Every story, every parable, and every Message he gives thru me, I have experienced them first in my life.

Sometimes I wonder if this is part of the work… I wonder if I choose walk thru many experiences and karmic transmutations in my life so that I could understand profoundly the process that Kryon gives in his messages, I feel I had a crash course of challenges and cleaning.

At the beginning, I wonder ¿why me? However when I understood the teaching and experience of each challenge I joined the movement of life and today I understand much lighter the challenges, ¿who haven´t or once have? In my experience, I feel those challenges were necessary to be able to transform them in my purpose with Kryon, that´s how I´m able to experience every step, process or learning that Kryon wants to give thru my channel for humankind.

I feel Kryon as a father, brother, friend, companion, teacher, partner, sometimes I feel him as a role of feminine energy, sometimes as a role of masculine energy… the truth is that Kryon has no specific gender. Kryon is feminine and masculine together, Kryon is mother and father at the same time. Kryon is brother and sister, Kryon is girlfriend of boyfriend, Kryon is eternal, is part of wholeness, doesn´t have duality and is part of the Universal Family that is GOD.

What is the purpose of Kryon in humankind?

I often wonder why Kryon didn´t show up before to humankind to give messages thru somebody else and recently in 1989 (a lineal and human timing) As soon as I thought about the question, I was receiving the answer. “The Spirit doesn´t answer if there is no question asked”

Kryon has always been with human kind, Kryon is “here and now” everywhere. There were no other channel because it wasn´t the right timing, but he has always been here, Kryon is within our body, we breathe Kryon, everything is Kryon. His spirit was implanted in every teacher that have laid light in this planet.

His main purpose is first the displacement of GAIA’s magnetic grid to allow us ascend and evolve to a new humankind. Now his purpose is education, teachings and knowledge that collaborate with the human being’s spiritual growth. This evolution process produces a displacement to a state of conscious in our Quantum DNA, which allows a change and activation of our own magnetic grid, consequently a movement on GAIA’s grid and cooperate with the path of growth that we are taking as humankind.

The messages of Kryon are clarifying, expansive, loving, they have the cosmic energy of life, the love of the universal family, the source, God… and the purpose is to help us wake and remember that infinite love which sometimes we forget after we are born.

Humans and Brothers ¡WE ARE ALL KRON! he´s everywhere…

¡I love you Kryon, honor you, adore you forever and ever!

By María José Bayard

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