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Who I am

Who I am

Who is Aripka Maia

She is a writer and channeller of CUANTIC GEARS ® that brings together the following technologies or techniques for the evolution of the being:

Pleiadian Tonal Keys ®

Quantic Symbols of Kryon ®

Interdimensional Astrology ®

Toroidal Breathing ®

Layers Frequencies Dar®

Channelled Tarots: Kryon Oracle (54 cards), Pleiadian Tonal Keys (75 cards), Goddesses Keys (33 cards) and Avatars Cards (Released soon)

She began to channel Kryon in 2010, from that moment she received the coordinates to settle for two years in Mexico City, Mexico, and from there channel the technologies of Quantic Symbols of Kryon and Pleiadian Tonal Keys & Goddesses.

Upon his return to Argentina, in 2015, she recalled a life in Lemuria. From this knowledge, she channelled the Interdimensional Astrology technology and remembered how the Lemurian frameworks were configured in the body.

She is the author of the books «Diario de un Ángel» and «Códices Lemurianos», co-director and producer of the first spanish-language film about Lemuria, based on her book. It is free in YouTube (Movie Lemurian Codices, Dawn Goddesses)


Official Sites: