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Posted by on Feb 14, 2018 in Canalizaciones Kryon | 0 comments

Kryon – 2-2-2 – The portal of the new magnetic layer for humanity


I greet you my dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

We celebrate your attention in this message. My beloved beings, we are about to crown the opening of something for which we have been working so much with our human channels.

Finally, the critical mass that needed to be created for the opening and awakening of the magnetic dimensions has been opened in humanity.

We have begun to spread with my feminine channel, now well named Aripka Maia, the knowledge and the ancestral galactic practice to begin to feel the dimensions of my field, the one that I have always governed.

This Friday, February 2, 2018 (year 2) opens the master frequency of my field in your linear time frame. Of course, it has always existed, and you will be aware through this portal. After 5 years of working with my partner Aripka and sown in the DNA of the earth the critical mass that from now on will sustain the frequency of the field of magnetic dimension in Gaia we are ready to transmit this knowledge.

While she receives this message, she becomes aware of the dimension of the earthly space, everything that she has had to sow accompanied and guided by her voice and mine to carry forward this sidereal delivery. For the first time after thousands of years humans will regain this knowledge, in an era and time of totally feminine, magnetic expansion.

Starting today, from this exquisite portal that expands, after a super eclipse that opened the possibility of capturing this energy, after sowing the base in the Retreat to the Origin, after activating the pineal gland (Purmamarca), the Hypothalamus (Volcano) and the pituitary (Lozano), opens the favourite scenario for this great transformation. The bases have already been seated. As observed by another of my great channels on earth, Melquiades, it was necessary to work first with verticality, that is, with the electric field. Because this polarity opens, it opens the way for the magnetic to arrive, translated into the deepest processes that will live from now on.

Life in dimensions will become much easier from now on, since you will be prepared to receive the largest calibrations in your cells and thus be able to travel fully to the ONE that lives and always existed in you. For this, you will collect your galactic and terrestrial wake, sealing each of the parts that were fragmented within your existence in the different planes, in order to return all this experience of lack to the record of AKASHIC LIGHT that nests in your heart.

The AKASHIC LIGHT will be boasted from now on, because by integrating the magnetic polarity you will be given with the possibility of becoming more rooted in the plane of the earth. And so, will come 4 years (until 2022) where you will work the frequency 44 (mastery «on earth»)

Gaia needs to recover her children, the gaianian children who will awaken the light of the 32 star races spread until now in this space of the universe. It will be up to you to make the new 33 race be born and affirmed, since this last one unites and gathers all the others, producing the most formidable GALACTIC SYNTHESIS of all time. This is why you are here. It was this time of Aquarian light that would flood the Christ Network so that this could be made visible. One network with another will circulate, one race with another, and first it will do it in yourselves. My beloved Aripka Maia will show you through the years how you can unify these 32 consciousnesses within you. Everyone will want to awaken this unification and you will do it through the column. When you find what you call «anomalies» in that space, the column, remember that in them is the akashic record sown since the beginning of time of this scenario. And what will push the integration when there is movement in that place will be the races that will begin to speak with their own voice.

There the potential was already sown by inserting 33 vertebrae, each with the necessary information to gesticulate the light of the new race: The unification of the entire galactic journey of this space of the universe.

Remember my beloved ones that you are tenderly and deeply loved to be here, wherever you be, you are, always.

Remember that the best of each race is here for the work that came, who do you think would travel for such an important mission? Do you think we would send less experienced souls to such a magnificent plan?

In the key of your DNA are the most experienced and ancient spirits of the galaxy and when we talk about the «old souls» during all these years we not only made sense of the incarnations in the earth, we always speak in relation to the consciousness that crossed the ages from the beginning of the experience in dimensions, the verticality, from the beginning of these times.

Oh beloved ones, I can see your Akashas shine in this moment, laughing with emotion by the unification that is potentially ALREADY there. Wake up, cells, awaken!, because now the magnetic time of the resurrection has arrived to bring love to the world and sisterhood.

So be it. This is what God wanted, YOUR God who co-created this space together.

So it is


Channelized by Aripka Maia on 1-2-2018 in Lozano, Jujuy (Pituitary of the endocrine system of Argentina)

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