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In the consecration is the movement of thousands of women who danced in their different forms in all spaces of the planet. These beautiful COLLARS bring song and purification to consecrate the sisters in all their cultures and worldviews.

They are unification collars that tell us:

«Keep up, continue creating from innocence»

A woman consecrated in its magnificence places it in her own neck and activates it on another woman. How to do it?

1) First of all, feel worthy of this consecration and take dimension of your magnificence.

2) When you have done this, send this collar to another woman that you feel in your heart.

3) Visualize this collar on her neck and send the intention of love that is «be consecrated in the emerald network of unification and receive the mantle of the Virgin»

This woman may or may not know about this gift. If her knows, send her also the geometry (the card)

There are 5 different Collars (frequencies). Today I share the first, tomorrow I will share the second and so on. The idea is that you choose up to three women in this first 5-day cycle, where you send one collar per day.

You can download this image and copy the message so that those 3 women you choose, in turn, can send it to 3 more!

We co-create the new earth together!



For those women of many layers, those who regenerate, change, look and show different each day, each new cycle, with them dies all the past, the old ancestral aftertaste, with them the flower of new life is born, with these eyes of resurrection they observe and contemplate life, they are part of the constant lunar and feminine movement and cycle, they understand their rhythms.

The message of the emerald rebirth collar tells you: ‘Beautiful eagles of rebirth, I crown your knowledge, I honour your wisdom, your walk in this and so many lands, stars and moons, as you recognize what is sacred I can give you this rebirth collar that enhances your existence and gives you greater value so that you can have awareness of everything you have walked, receive this collar and give this message to all women who deserve this coronation’.

API NATIN Collar, the collar of Magnificence


This collar is for those women who walk and have consummated the integration of their essential feminine energy and essential masculine energy, being able to love both polarities in themselves, they are those that have generated the note of the trine matrix in their own creative universe.

Message of this collar: ‘Oh beautiful sacred goddess, now that you have been able to dance in your own duality integrating the forces, you receive the psychic smell capable of modifying whatever you propose, knowing and seeing clearly the meaning of each situation that comes to your life, and so it is.’

And so it is

Solar Diamond Collar

This collar is for those women who have been able to discover and establish a conscious and happy interaction with their own essential masculine energy, that one in men and other women, valuing with joy the presence of this in their lives.

The message of this collar is: ‘Receive the expansion of the Central Sun Ra attached to Alcyone to unify the strength of the suns of our constellation and thus recognize the diamond of sunlight, which raises you, increases the vibration and magnifies the dexterity of the soul to be reborn every day with greater awareness, receive the waves and solar expansion in you’.

Crystal Drop Collar

This collar embraces the shadows from a female super consciousness connected with the universal uterus, the uterus of the galaxy, the uterus of the mother earth, the one of each galaxy in the 9 dimensions of the universe, revive the sense of the home of which we are all a part. By giving this collar, you will be giving a present of life, giving life.

Message: ‘Receive the inexhaustible source through the fractal of the crystal drop, you and I are part, as a drop in the ocean we merged making of this calibration new works of art that result in the following scenes that we will constellate when we have accessed to the next dimension, together we are going, together we flow in the abundance that we are already because we are oceanic crystal drops and we have been here for all eternity.


Message: ‘I wear the collars, the treaties to activate the voice of the sisterhood, I am the emerald voice and I have come to consecrate your beautiful soul with admiration and love that I feel for each goddess who represents us, who settles and settles in the third dimension, I come here to embrace you, activate you, remind you of who you are, how many lives you have been serving the planet earth, rooted in Gaia, collaborating with her new awakening, together we have been in Mu and Antarctica, who can receive from me this consecration will seal what she needs in her soul, because if for something I came it has been to revive the chalice, the one that the goddess forgot for so many years. ‘

Aripka Maia

(María José Bayard)

Official Site:


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