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Cuantic Gears channelled by Aripka Maia

Cuantic Gears channelled by Aripka Maia


Mayan Technology is one of the most known and most spectacular gears so far.

They understood a universal dimension of time and in the reading and interpretation of that exquisite truth they shaped what we now know as MAYAN CALENDAR.

This gear is what they call COMPASS, which serves to recognize a «moment» within existence. An alignment, a multidimensional space of the universe. And you came to this planet in one of those moments … that’s what is called in astrology «Photography of the sky» or «Astral-natal chart».

With the arrival of the Cuantic Gears® to the planet Earth, submerged layers are opened in the capsules of time, where very important knowledge of the beginning of time was awaited. These capsules were fully known and recognized by evolved civilizations of the planet, such as the Lemurian, Atlantean, Sumerian, Egyptian, the primitive beings of MU (the melting pot of races that settled on earth when it was Pangea).

Each of the CUANTIC GEARS® contains the wisdom from how the universe we know today was created, to the technologies to transform our microcosm. In their technologies are revealed for the first time after 15,000 years (since the fall of Lemuria) magnetic layers and dimensions (channelled from Kryon by Aripka, who serves its entity for eons of time), it reveals layers and magnetic dimensions, the codes that will make us reborn to awaken what the soul needs in this new time. These technologies that form the 5 CUANTIC GEARS® represent a great initiation school for personal and collective evolution.


Dimensions of the Gears


First Dimension – Layers Frequencies Dar ®

There are 144 codes that represent and bring the energies of origin. When the consciousness that lived in the ONE, in the Super Massive Black Hole of the Galaxy, crossed the portal in the constellation of Lira and created the illusion of fragmentation, 7 rays were created, and 144,000 star seeds (140,000 feminine and 4,000 masculine) who later gave birth to the 72,000 clans.


Second Dimension – Pleiadian Tonal Keys®

There are 75 frequencies that come from the Pleiadian DNA of Aripka Maia, who comes directly from the Pleiades, being this one her eighth incarnation. The pleiadians used these frequencies for their evolution thousands of years ago. They had duality like us now and thanks to a work in sisterhood they reconstructed the original cell to sowed it in the DNA of what we now know as human beings.

Technology composed for two levels of learning and postgraduate

Official Website:


Third Dimension – Quantic Symbols of Kryon®

There are 54 symbols that bring the information of the magnetic layers with which the universe was created. Each one opens a portal of light for healing energies to descend. Each symbol contains information encrypted with the repair of the history of humanity.

Technology composed of 7 levels of learning and postgraduate

Official Website:


Fourth Dimension – Goddesses Tonal Keys®

There are 20 tonal keys that were left sown in Lemurian times. These 20 galactic codes represent the feminine consciousnesses of this space of the universe, they are used to heal the records of the feminine ancestral chain, the emotional memory of the uterus, the nourishment channel and the emotional register of the breasts, etc.

Official Website:


Fifth Dimension – Goddesses Tones®

There are 13 pleiadian tonal keys that determine the tones with which the previous 20 Goddesses will carry forward the task of being. They are part of the Goddess technology.

Technology composed of two levels of learning and postgraduate

Official Website: