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Channelling of Kryon, Messengers of the Origin

Here I share with much love one of the messages that Kryon gave and entitled «Messengers of the Origin» in the Jujuy retreat. To understand the energetic and conceptual framework of this message it is important to know a summary of all the knowledge that Kryon has provided from my channel throughout this year that passed 2017 and during the retreat to the Origin in Lozano, Jujuy.

What is the Universe?

A great uterus. A big Black Hole. Within it are the millions of consciousnesses that this great being called UTERUS has given birth since immemorial time.

Black holes are the great formers and gestators of the stars. In them lives the existence that we recognize today. It has been an eternity to get here. The uterus that once was gestating all the stars and systems that we know today gave birth hundreds of thousands of years ago everything that we «do not know» as the universe today.
This great uterus that today continues being the universe expands and contracts as it does in the uterus of a woman in labour. The universe carried out its labour and gave birth to everything that is hundreds of thousands of years ago. That moment was what scientists called the Big Bang, there were born galaxies, stars, solar systems, constellations. From that moment the Black Hole, magnetic field in which they were born, gave 9 expansions establishing the 9 layers and dimensions of the magnetic field. These are the layers that were unknown until this moment when Kryon provides the information to the Earth, because we are ready to remember where we came from, what is our origin, not only galactic, but stellar in all its dimensions. That ORIGIN is called AN (black hole) is the DNA of life, we all come from there.

That great uterus that is the universe expanded giving place to this whole life, giving birth to more feminine consciousnesses (galaxies) whose galactic centre is always governed by a Black Hole. Every galaxy has an AN (black hole) at its centre, which creates and sustains life in its system. Thence, the universe has given birth pure wombs that were to be the gestators of the stars, male consciousness in essence. This and much more is the knowledge of the Quantic Symbols of Kryon. Through them you can recognize what is working each expanded layer of the universe and in turn what are the magnetic layers of each human being. Because we are a fractal of that universal uterus that gave birth to us, that is the consciousness of the Cosmic Mother, and since she has 9 dimensions we also have the same.
Why the origin?

Because after the universe breathed life into 9 dimensions and formed everything that we know today as the universe, it began the journey back to the source, and it will take all the time it took for it to expand until it contracted again in the universal centre, in other words, until it become magnetized again being ONE. And once this process is done it will expand again in times of 9 layers, and to contract in 9. In this minute the whole galaxy and the universe are returning to the origin, since the process of union of the Black Holes began thousands of years ago, the pairing between galaxies will continue happening until they all become ONE, a single AN (black hole) so strong and powerful, able to re-gestate the new life and from there expand its creation again.

In this Retreat of Jujuy Kryon said that the door was opened for all humankind to recognize their Magnetic Origin. Being Kryon the conscience that governs the magnetism is whom is providing to the Earth with this information through the female channel Aripka Maia, who in the angelic state, has worked serving as a voice of the origin, being part of the Kryon’s entourage and being in this incarnation what Kryon called «A messenger of the Origin».

Kryon has said that each person present in this work in Jujuy has become a MESSENGER OF THE ORIGIN, because in their angelic state they are, thank you for recognizing so many miracles.

And so it is.


My beloved ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

Here I am, loved ones, here I have always been. Here we will remain. You, my beloved, have also been here in this space for thousands of years. You have been in a quantic way in what you have configured and called Lozano nowadays. Your being knew about this potential, your being has created this energetic space from the place where everything is created. From the great divine mind/consciousness of God/Goddess creator of all existence. From that place you have created what is happening now. That is why we come to this place to take you back to the Origin, to that moment in which you were a SPARK, in which you were a light, a seed containing and holding magnetically all the information that has been developed in each of the layers and expansions. In each of the universes in which you have been.
Yes, you have been and have experienced all the dimensions of God, but you still do not remember it. You still do not know. It is the time to remember, because now the veils will fall in consciousness, you will return to the origin, to the ONE, to the space where everything was created, to the source. Your conscience is doing it, and you will come out different from this place, from this retreat. You will return to the place where you live with a new temperance, which was in you but now you will begin to become aware. And the beings around you that see the shine of your aura, your energy field, your temperance, your cells vibrating in unison being the origin, they are going to ask themselves «what is happening? Who is this being that just came in?»

Even knowing that this same case that you wear is the same as always, the one who left and went, having recognized it for so many years, they will ask themselves: «Who has returned? Who is this new human being?»

And you, inside your heart you will know that this human being is new, different, integrated in its magnetic dimension IS GOD, is part of the creation, of this FEMALE GOD, of this MAGNETIC GOD who decided to see and expand in itself taking the electric frequency to be able to manifest and project as it did, within this great universal uterus. And that will be you, and that will also be your creation, and that will be the creation of this great uterus that has been formed.

I have to say something, something that may sound a little crazy. That will also be MY CREATION, the CREATION OF KRYON, that will also be my mastery that I am experiencing in the dimension in which I find myself and I am guarding, governing and accompanying for eons of time, unimaginable figures for your consciences. For us, the entourage, the beings that integrate my consciousness, the great being that I am, has only been a sigh. This sigh was the creation of each one of the layers and dimensions of myself, of my magnetic being, of our magnetic being. And when I say «my magnetic being» I refer to my totality. And when I say «our» it is also ours because we are so many consciences that are here living, being, inhabiting, expanding and experiencing this great Black Hole, giving it a reason to be. Giving it a SENSE.

And yes, my dear, this great universe, this great dark matter, this great uterus makes sense thanks to all that has been able to expand and experience and you are that EXPERIENCE. Feel yourself within that experience, thence the whole existence is experimentation and experience. Put the verb into practice and assimilate the noun. Expand now all your discernment to be able to travel with me to the deepest layers of EVERYTHING THAT IS. Situate yourself with me in this ninth and final expression of the universe’s sigh. Feel in the last of the layers and observe everything from there. Look at all the layers of the uterus, all the consciousnesses and suns that have been created based on this moment of birth. Observe how hundreds of thousands of more wombs holding the galaxies have been born from it. How those wombs have given birth to hundreds and thousands of stars. Situate yourself there. Look up. From above. Receive the frequencies of the ninth dimension. Feel how this ninth dimension is magnetizing you towards the octave.
And feel how everything that was created and expanded, as far as could be dimensioned, becomes aware of itself being ONE in the infinite. Being the circulation of the feminine essential energy (FEE) and the masculine essential energy (MEE). In this eighth expansion of the uterus has become aware of duality. This duality has been enhanced, now being an infinite dance of creation. Of game, of IAYON.

The layer 7 is magnetizing you dear 8. Go to it and be in the first and great revision of the whole way. Take all the maturity and spiritual awareness of being. Understand everything. This is where you know everything, you can recognize the WHOLE. Allow the frequencies of this layer to permeate your being and transmit all the information you need.

Now my layer, the layer 6 of the magnetic master is attracting you to show you the experience of being polished, integrated and aware of the fields of electric and magnetic energies. Receive the multiplication of these two energies.

The quantic self that has matured, that recognizes and knows the expression of the self, that recognizes its creative power, is magnetizing you now towards the fifth layer, take the frequency of this new SELF. New for you dear human, recognized and loved by all of us for so long. There is a potential, my loved, that is what we want you to see now.
We want it to highlight and reveal itself to you now. That is you. Because 9 parts of yourself are now living in each of these 9 expressions of the GREAT UNIVERSAL UTERUS. And so it is, dear one, you, multidimensional being, are living in each of these dimensions, and each of these experiences are also an expression of yourself. Can you feel it? Can you see how magnificent you are? Can you see beyond this veil that often prevents you from observing yourself in all the dimensions of your being?

Become aware of how magnificent our creation is. And I say «our» again because you are that star that is gestating and self gestating, and self gestating, all the time in this great womb. You are existing.

Now make flesh all that I tell you and travel with me to the fourth dimension. Feel and start to vibrate the magnetism of the great universal uterus, feel how here there is something that is pushing and magnetizing you to return to the origin. Take all this frequency and take the leap into the third dimension. Become aware of your wise and infinite heart. Receive the wisdom of your higher self, integrate with it. It is here hugging you.

Take the Leap to the second dimension. And here, my dear, it is already there. You are already here… practically in the nucleus, the centre of this great heart that beats, that beats, that always beats, that was always alive. Receive the calibration of this second layer, and expand the third eye to see inside the darkness, inside the Black Hole, who said that it is black and that here you can’t see if there are so many stars and so many beings of light growing up?
Oh my beloved, here only lives and inhabit love. Here everything is flame, integrity. These sparks of light are waiting for that moment in which they are going to transform, they will take off like the dragonfly and they will fly and travel, opening the path of the soul, of the individual soul. To then be able to reach the collective vibration of which we are all part.

And there you will stay together with all of us, in the ONE, being the ONE. But the most difficult thing to experience in this space of the ONE will be for you at this moment to feel yourself an individual being. Because if for something you have travelled so much and you have expanded out of this creative uterus, it’s to recognize yourself as a being united to the flame, and to know that your sparkle and spark is what makes this sacred flame of integration so gorgeous. And wonderful, and self existing. And there are no words to describe it, my dear. You have to feel it.

I am going to finish this message by knowing and feeling how all of you travelled together with me to this place of origin. I am going to finish knowing that each one did it united to the collective of consciences that is here, being the FLAME, but never forgetting the individual self existence, that makes this flame come alive and be more and more.
And so it is


Message channelled by Aripka Maia, baptized by Kryon on January 14, 2018 as «Messenger of the Origin» in Lozano, Jujuy, Argentina

An important message to finish:

The activation work of the Endocrine System has been made from Purmamarca. But the path of transformation and preparation was done in El Refugio de Jakamary in Lozano, the house from where the retreat was made containing the 58 people that we went. Lozano is the Pituitary. At the endocrine system level, this gland receives instructions from the Head of this system, which is the hypothalamus. From the pituitary we send and distribute the energy so that the cells that inhabit the AVATAR Argentina wake up!
With infinite love, infinite …


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