KRYON – Women in the New Era


Channelled December 21st 2010 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Note: In this message, you will meet the feminine side of Kryon, especially in this message since the entity adopted a feminine energy (similar to GAIA) to be in the same level and give to us a present, women of planet earth. ¡Thank you Kryon!

Women in the new era

Dear women of the new era, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

A love message transmitted to all women of planet earth thru the channel María José Bayard.

Thousands and thousands of women are awakening their infinite powers and it is so because everyone that come to earth with feminine sex have in their biological clocks it is marked this grand awakening that started few time ago and shall settle stronger with time.

Each step you mark, women of the new era, is a personal seal, unique and one-off that continuously sum in the surrounding energy of this earth honoured by all of us. Each step you take, women of the new era, is the necessary step to spiritual transformation reason why we are sending this message of pure love from this side of the veil for all humankind and soon all awakenings of feminine energies that are essential for the ascension and spiritual elevation of mother earth.

Necessary adjustment will be made in your beautiful energy fields, you choose it, each one of you choose it and when you awake you will realise what I am talking about. It is necessary that your soul be aligned with your pure and spiritual purpose, so that you can echo in home. Obtaining this energy will be the most beautiful and pure elevation you will ever experience on earth. It is that moment of inner joy when you receive for the first time love from your parents when you are born is a pure sensation of constant ecstasies where there is only love energy filling your heart. In that, moment you feel and know nothing wrong is going to happen and you want to remain in that love tune all your life. ¿what will happen if I tell you, you can also vibrate in that pure frequency all your life from the moment you find your path and purpose in your earthly life?

I want to tell you before you were born; you were with me, together we planned this arrival to earth, and it is for something special… There is an especial purpose we have designed and it is in great need that you can awake it soon, this is what will make you feel your living in home and everything you can develop is pure, is yours, and nobody can take away from you. Thus is like living floating in the sky but with an earthy life, standing with your feet on the ground but dreams and heart in a place called “home”.

¿What will happen if I told you dear light being you can decide when you want to start transit your contract and as soon as you start this path, you will get endless melodies in your angelical colours we can see from here, where we are standing now?

My dear and especial women of the new era, ¿what would happen if I told you we have come here to honor your work? because you are especial… because you bring with you all humankind history and all lives in which you have generated more life thru you woman light, and is necessary you can appraise this once and for all… you have been confined from it and ignore your beautiful pure potentials you can develop only by wanting and asking for it…

Dear and beloved woman of the new era I want to communicate thru this channel a light message that will illuminate your days from now on and that is you do not fear your beautiful abilities, because everything you want and take into place with love, with your inner sweetness that you cover and hide so that no one can see it, because you feel threaten and fearful of being hurt. Don´t you know there is nothing prettier and generous than seeing your inner generosity manifested in your eyes blinded by so many covers and inexistent disguises in your inner reality that do not allow you to shine before the eyes of men, who generally only see in you a human being like any other. It is not like that, because ¡you are especial! You bring pure universal love inside you, sweetness and majesty of spirit that you are in this angelical dimension ¿Can´t see it yet? One day sit down and think, It is a must that one day you see it and awake, that day you will be the happiest woman on earth, you will no longer need to pretend someone you are not, that day will no longer need approval from anybody, that day you will be free and your heart is exposed so that everyone can see it and ¿Do you know what people do when they see it shine? They will learn from you and will wish to awake like you, because this state is the closest and similar to our angelic eternal nature.

You can allow yourself feel as you are… nobody will harm you, you will awake in masculinity the desire of protection, the desire of taking care of this genuine heart, you will awake the desire of holding your forever, to take care of you and protect you ¡because you are important! ¡because you are beautiful and pure! The heart of humanity is drown to your energy so sensitive and passionate to do things. Show you are that woman, that tender and sweet woman fearless to adversities knowing that with the heart she will accomplish everything, knows love will overcome heat and heat will have no choice but collapse, because to pure love of a woman of the new era, nothing is corrupted.

Be simple and you will be free…
Be simple and you will permanent…
Be simple and you will be eternal…
Be simple and you will see things in the transcendental…
Be simple and you will be beautiful…
Be simple and you will come alive each feeling you have inside, that inner strength all nature needs to walk…
Be simple and you will you are the motor of the universe…
Be simple and you will feel universal love that accompanies you…
Be simple and you will see reflected in the others same simplicity your heart irradiates…
Finally… be simple… and you will be friend of simplicity for eternity.

Dear woman of the new era, this message is for you, and will always be, because you will always have the chance to awake your soul and woman spirit, that will move the skies and earth if necessary to reach her goals and targets in your life and everyone else.

You can start your awakening, it’s been a long journey of love and light purpose, you can start manifesting your love for mother earth who needs you and your infinite consciousness awakening so that together, all light-workers, including all men on planet earth, shape a unique harmony, a unique symphony resounding in all other planets in the whole universe for which you will gratified eternally.

You are an important piece in humankind work. Perhaps thousands of home depend on your light, perhaps thousands of awakenings depend on your light, perhaps you have something that can help the others, perhaps you can heal a wounded heart with a simple caress, perhaps you can achieve things you never imagine you could, perhaps if you awake your feminine energy pure an essential you could transmute all next generations after you ¡imagine how pure and peacefully the world turn into so little time!

Dear girlfriends and women companion we are together and always were, together we can make this planet a better earth, happier: without so many sad sunsets away from love, without so many empty nights and distant from home feeling…

You are light, you set your light every day, you give life your light, “you are what you are”, say it out loud the highest you can shout, “¡I am what I am!” and you will be thru eternity, thine produce will be picked in each beautiful corner of this universe and mother earth…

And so it is.


Channelled by María José Bayard

This channelling published freely with the loving purpose and will to raising spiritual consciousness of the human being. You can share it as many times as you like, provided that publication of the full text mentioning the author and source: Therefore the circulation of the same with economic purposes is not allowed since each content of this page is copyrighted. ¡Thanks a lot!

KRYON – Message from a Heart to its owner


Message from a Heart to its owner

(at the end you fill find “self-knowledge prayer”)

“Man” was a human being about to suffer a heart attack. One morning he experienced hard troubles, sadness and situations that made him explode internally. Man had a numb and far from interior connection life, in reality he didn´t know consciously what was happening.

That night, Man took sleeping pills. That same day signed the divorce papers with her (now) ex-wife. After thousands of tries to improve their relationship. Man followed faithfully his DNA registries, just like his parents, ending in the destruction of the family and marriage.

His job and business are worst; the performance of sales in his company have diminished considerably due to a lack of control, balance and good communications with his employees.

Man, 59 human being, has followed the same pattern of his parents…

His human and fourth-dimensional consciousness has not stopped to think, to discern and find a real solution to everything that is happening.

Tonight Man sleeps soundly, effect produced by the sleeping pills and medicine taken to relax his internal machinery, which cannot stop with the power of his consciousness. That is the reason taking the sleeping pills to help him. It is simply ignorance since Man does not know there are other ways of calming the emotional and mental torment he´s experiencing. At this moment is more convenient to recourse to what he “knows” for his consciousness.

What Man doesn´t know is that his heart will soon explode. In all his lifetime he never paid too much attention, he forgot to ask him “¿what do you want?”, “¿how do you feel, regarding the life we are leading?” and the most important, he forgot to honor this important organ, more than a physical and tri-dimensional organ, it is an interdimensional organ allowing the human beings connect with knowledge and love of God, The Father.

Man goes in a deep sleep… Suddenly his in a strange place. He experiences a sensation of being awake, but in reality, there is a part of his consciousness he knows his asleep…

Finds himself in a place that seems to have no walls, but in reality, they create a disturbing mirage for his consciousness, since he´s surrounded by an energy that could be called “crystalline walls”, they have no end, they extend to the infinite and at the same time seem to be there…
Man remain seated there during all night…

Watches everywhere and ask “¿Is there anyone?” He listens the eco bringing back his own voice.

After a while, Man hears a voice telling him “Dear Man I am Your Heart”

Man cannot believe it, even though his dreaming and being conscious he is, he doesn´t understand “¿what is his heart doing talking to him outside his body?, and ¿how is it possible he can speak or express himself?”

Man begins to try to leave this place and everything seems insane and senseless. He returns to his normal state, to tell you the truth is the state of numbness, because the place he was in his dream was far more real that his human consciousness could imagine.

He gets up, prepares himself a linden flower tea and tries to go back to sleep. The effect of the medication seems to have run off and even though he tries to go back to sleep, he cannot.

Seated at the sofa of his luxurious home, Man checks a magazine a friend left behind.

He had nothing better to do, he held it in his hands and begins to leaf through. Without even noticing the title of the magazine, but when he started reading it, he realizes it wasn´t the customary magazines he used to buy with the show-business news.

He turned to the cover to see the title of the magazine it is called “Living in communion with yourself”.

The titles of the notes and information seen related. In the cover, there were the most important titles of this issue highlighted. One caught his attention profoundly. The note said “Message of heart to his owner”. Something catch his attention and search the page number to read it. Coincidentally, the page where the note was marked with a red paper. He thought: “who would have left designated just this page?”

He missed that doubt and began to read it, the note said:

Message from a heart to its owner

Once had a heart that was about to burst out and stop working. As that heart wanted to continue living, he decided to write a letter to the owner who said…

Dear owner:

Before you get sick, I needed to express myself for the last time since I could not stand this ignorance in love. They were so many years getting dropouts, shortages and ignorance that my engine has worn away with time of misuse. Would not want to stop work and do what you came to this world: “live in your body and be the motor of the circulation on it”. I have retained many injustices, fears, lovelessness and now feel that my engine is this off…

Before finishing the few reserves of fuel that had kept, I wanted to ask if you are willing to help me heal. What precise to operate freely is very simple and I wish that you can give me.

And perhaps your ask me, “what need dear heart of my body.”. In addition, I will tell you that it is simple, what I need is called “attention, love and care on your part”. I need to be able to express all the pain that I have accumulated, but if you me repress I will continue keeping, archiving and everything will start to explode now. You have saved in my resentment toward your parents, towards people and society, and never stop with your human activity ever you have stopped to think about everything you have experienced.

Dear owner, I know that I would have liked to tell your parents and loved ones how much you loved them, but by pride, fear and probably not know how to express yourself you saved it… In addition, here am I asking you now that I deliver all feelings that you decide to save.

You have not allowed me express myself in time and at the right time with respect to some disappointments and I need to tell you that all that mass of retained emotions are about to make me explode…

All this accumulation of Sorrows have overshadowed the brightness I know consciously that he had, they have been off my colour and my expression unable… But, what you wanted to do?, if I rely on you and the power of your consciousness to determine whether I can or not to heal me.

I have stopped working, as it should; I have left express as you know do it and as I said when God created me. He explained to me how should work be embodied here in your body. However, when I wanted to express myself, you Dear owner stopped me, and there I was flooded with things to say and feelings that radiate.

How can I do it when I want to unlock all the love that I have you repress me by your fears to be hurt? Then I hide and my fire goes out.

I want to tell you that my fuel is now in reserve, I experience an emotional collapse since they have accumulated and put together many things that could not be released on time and at the right time. When you farewell your mother I told you: “forgive everything you feel that damaged you and tell her you love her”, and you were about to say it and finally your pride and fear won, to relive the ignorance.

I am supporting the latest sadness… The last impulses of my engine is running low because they need warmth and attention from you. I am aware that you also demand to the world recognition and provide you care to fill this gap and absence of love that was crystallized in the illusion of the past by situations lived, but you are my owner, you are the Commander of this ship and without your free choice of helping I shall die.

I need love, because without love my fire is quenched.
I need love, because without love my fire is quenched.
I need love, because without love my fire is quenched.

Signed: Your Heart

Man was impressed by that message of the heart to its owner. It had impacted him in such a way that inadvertently, during the reading had released a couple of tears. After a few moments, man became aware of what he was doing to his heart and to his own body. He mused about the fact that he never had paid attention and that he had a lifetime of negative accumulations that damaged his heart.

Man closed his eyes and spoke to his heart at that moment. And said out loud:

“Dear heart, forgive me, I never meant consciously be away from you or your essence during all these years. Tell me, ¿What do you want to free now? In addition, tell me ¿how can we express everything you kept? I do not want to reach the state in which the heart that wrote the message I´ve just read was. ¡Forgive dear heart, I am so sorry! You know I love you and I honor you for being part of me and allow me living in this world. You know. From now on I will communicate with you more often, honor and listen to you thru my intuition of what you need to be happier”.

Man´s heart started beating strongly. He noticed something came to life when he said these words. Finally, Man´s heart irradiated an energy of happiness and gaiety.

That day under Men changed his perspective of life and started honouring each part of his own body. Being consciousness of this biology was a synonymous of loving himself and God, The Creator.

Men never knew consciously that the message from that heart to his owner was in reality the expression of this own heart that drove him to synchronize that moment so that he could read that letter.

Men changed his life and expressed more, to the point that he turned into the “master of expression”. Never kept again a feeling, each time he experienced situations where we feel he should “express” he talked with his heart and told him: “express dear heart; you are free to do so”.

After a time of reflexion, Men wrote a prayer with the title: “Prayer of self-knowledge” to honor his being, his biology and never forget that each organ is a living being with its own consciousness and the others.

Men determined this body as a grand system composed by other systems. Each system has its own consciousness and knows its individual and group function; in addition, all the vibrating systems create an entirety that works as a perfect team. If a part of the systems is sick or mal-functioning, will affect the entirety, which is why we created the prayer to keep all his systems in harmony.

Prayer of self-knowledge

Dear body I am going to talk to you as an entirety and living being, and will address your parts…
Dear feet, I honor and love you for being my ground in this world. Thank you for being with me and firmly step each path on this land. I honor you for transporting me everywhere I want to go and allow me to displace in this beautiful ground. Thank you for driving me to my job and develop my mission and allowing me the pleasure of knowing the beautiful scenes of GAIA (mother earth).

Dear ankles, calves, knees, thighs and hips. I honor and love you for allowing me walk, move and displace within this design and divine plan of human being. Thank you for being my journey companions and live with me so many adventures and journeys. Forgive me if I made you walk or being in places or situations where you were uncomfortable, from now on we will only walk in places and situations where there is love and divine light.

Beloved (female or male) reproductive system I honor and love you for being the gateway and the Manager of the life in this world. Thank you for allowing me to use you for the pleasure that arises from the encounter with another soul. Thank you for allowing me to feel pleasure and be the channel through which flows my creative energy
Dear Stomach, colon, intestines, liver, pancreas, bladder, kidneys I honor and love you for being the ones that help me digest food and life. I honor each of your functions. Forgive me if I have lived difficult situations to be digested, I am ready now to digest and process them.

Dear lungs. I honor and love you for being the ones that allow air in and oxygenate my blood and body. Thank you for allowing me breathe life freely and profoundly. Dear lungs forgive me if I have allowed any sadness in you; I am ready to let it go.

Dear shoulders, arms and hands. I honor and love you for being the channels of expression in this world. Thank you for allowing me digest food, work, write and take everything I need in this life journey. Dear shoulders forgive me if I have carried more than necessary, if I have stretched your capabilities. I am ready to let it go.

Dear throat. I love and honor you for being the communication channel with the world. Thank you for allowing express everything my inner-self wish. Forgive me if I have not allowed you express what you wanted. From now on, I am ready to say everything you have hold.

Dear ears. I love and honor you for being the channel thru hear and listen to my neighbour. Thank you for allowing me enjoy the music and beautiful words. Forgive me if I ever allow bad words, aggressions or non-light expressions get to you. From now on, I am willing to allow only positive, love and light words.

Dear eyes. I love and honor you for being the channel that allows me to see the whole wonders in this world created by God. Thank you for allowing me watch life, art, flora, fauna, scenery… thank you for giving me the joy of looking to the eyes of other persons, and see thru their soul. If I have ever driven you to see in harmonic or sad situations, forgive me. I am actively working from my individual place to make this world a better place. For that, I work first in myself, to be a walking example of change that I want to see reflected in this world. This way you will watch episodes of love and peace.

Dear nose and mouth. I love and honor you for being the channel that allow me “feel” life. Thank you for allowing me taste food, smell flowers and beautiful fragrances… Forgive me if I did something made you feel uncomfortable.
Dear head. I love and honor you for being the central command of my body. Thank you for allowing my brain process and reasoning. Thank you for having my hair, eyes, mouth, nose, ears and being so important in my body.

Dear heart, ¡what else can I say! You are the essence of light in my life; you are infinite love incarnated in this body, the gear that may lead me to the divine energy of god. Thank you for pumping blood to my body and allows my human experience having love and light in this world. It I ever allowed that external situations harm you, forgive me. From now on, I allow set you free, be yourself to give and take all love energy.

Dear spirit in my body thank you for being the channel of this human experience. For granting life to this magnificent body. I love and honor you and we will merge again with the GREAT BEING when the material experience is over.

So it is, so it is, so it is.

When you start recognizing yourself, the necessity of search knowledge in everyone else is not necessary. Only there you can be happy with yourself, commune with your inner self and not need anyone to recognize what you are able to first recognize.


Channelled by María José Bayard

This channelling published freely with the loving purpose and will to raising spiritual consciousness of the human being. You can share it as many times as you like, provided that publication of the full text mentioning the author and source: Therefore the circulation of the same with economic purposes is not allowed since each content of this page is copyrighted. ¡Thanks a lot!

KRYON – Houses from old to new energies


Dear ones, I am Kryon of  Magnetic Service.

Receive our affection, income and love of spirit right now.

Today we want to give you a metaphor regarding moving from old to new energy and reality… we have given same metaphor before, only on a different context in a different story from today… Our wish now is summarize the essence of the nature of the path of the “old” to “new” energy and home.

Dear reader in this story you are invited to be the main character…

The Houses…

You live now in a house, which corresponds to your “old house”… You´ve lived there for years, you used to see and live the life inside of it. Do not know what is living in a newer one and you don´t know where to look for it…
One day someone tells you about the possibility of getting a new house to live, it´s different, new, with different attributes and qualities from the house you have now. Your present one is old, ancient; environments are dark and need to spend a lot of money in artificial light; that takes time and effort to pay and how you live your life used to this that it is part of your nature. The house that you live in requires maintenance from time to time, ceilings are falling, walls have little cracks, everything requires, time energy and dedication. Maintaining that house, in which you are now living, takes a wastage of energy. However, you don´t know what is living in a different house…

One day you find a friend that advises you to get out of this house; show you there are other realities that are much better and you never referred to because you didn´t know. Then you talk with the friend who lovingly give you advises to leave the old house and find a new one that fits you better where you don´t have to waste so much energy. Finally you start your search and one fine day you find you lost the old house, ceilings fell completely and you have no place to live… You take your things, few you can take with you, since you, don´t have a place to keep and leave in search of a new home. At the beginning you feel sad but excited because you didn´t know the existence of this new reality; your friend assures you there are new houses, prettier and charming than the one you had and where you can live in peace, without wasting energy in plasters and artificial light you used in the old house.

Thus, days come by and your new house has not showed up. You are now homeless. Your soul feels lonely, empty and you feel like going back to your old house, you think: “Perhaps is better to go back, try rebuilding the ceilings, coating the walls full of humidity and see how I can handle it…”

Days go by, weeks, hours and you find yourself drifting, don´t know what to do: if going back to the old house or keep waiting for the new one to show up. There is no sign or certainty that the new house will be waiting for you, simply there is something in your heart that drives you keep going.

Turns out you start losing your most precious items, those you managed to rescue from the old house. First your spirit angers to the point of exhaustion, one night you say: “¡God! ¡you have abandoned me! ¡what have I done to deserve this!… And a voice in your consciousness tells you: You do not have you done anything that others have not ever done on the planet of free humanity and that is to change; therefore this is the path everyone must take from the old house to the new home.

These words linger in your consciousness and you think that phrase is a product of your imagination and it is not. You asked, “¿God, what have I done to deserve this?”, and God answered and said, “You choose to change”… When you understand the game of answers, you shock more and more and cry to heaven: “¡God gie and answer or tell me what to do I cannot handle no more this situation!” In that moment, with that strength of energy in your petition, the spirit, God listen to your call. He does it for two main reasons: first cause he saw your desire of finding a new home and second for having asked to tell you what you should know to get that new house.

That night you sleep soundly in the grassland of the park and dream with the sensation of being sleeping in your new house; you laydown thinking how would it feel the beautiful aroma of the flowers of your new garden, how would it be taking a shower in a beautiful bathroom, how would it be living in a place without humidity in a place with light and clean…

Next day you get up, look around and everything still the same, go back to reality and realise everything was a dream, you were not in your new house, nor enjoying a beautiful garden, nor showering in a comfortable bathroom; it was just a dream… You think you should have returned in time to the old house, since it has been a long time already and it is no more, someone will have gained the ground or will have occupied the place…

You take the few things you have left, in this case a book and a folk music CD and keep the road in search for the solution. You start walking and look around, watch the world that surrounds you with an air of total helplessness thinking about the huge mistake that perhaps you made: “having heard and believed in your friend”. Your mind tries to deceive you, generates a duality of thinking too big; on one hand you want to go back and on the other there is something that unintentionally pushes you to keep looking.

That day during sunset, you begin to glimpse a dim light at the end of the road; you start walking faster… the light seems very far a few kilometres away. You think maybe is an illusion of your mind; you think at this stage everything could be possible. However, there is something in your pace that tells you to go and go on; you do so and you are racing even more cause night is about to fall.

Within minutes, it gets dark suddenly and there is something in you that tells you that you cannot quite the road just at the end. The dim light becomes gradually more incandescent, shines strongly to the extent you are getting closer. At this point you start to realise it is a beautiful and wonderful house; you fear it is busy or for someone who had been waiting before, however when you get to the gate at the entrance is written your name in Aramaic language. You know is Aramaic language because it says down the translation, the entrance of the House says: “Your name…” “This is for you”.

“¡You cannot believe how magnificent the house is!…” The front door was open and the house has a light that vibrates every one of your cells. You enter and explore each part of the place. It is cosy and a power of peace is vibrated, you feel excited and scream to the sky: “¡Thank you God!, ¡You listened!”, and you feel a voice answering: “¡Thank you dear one because you requested it”. Moreover, the story ends there.

You may be wondering lots of things, for instance ¿why did it go so long without the house?, ¿why did the old house consumed to much energy?, ¿why in the old house was never able to feel the peace he felt in the new one? ¿why he was able to communicate with God and the spirit when he left the old house and not before?

These are all the questions to all the human, I can feel in these moments excite more than one heart with the beautiful story, but let me tell you that is non the less your magnificent history, the journey you do in this new era, from this old house of Darkness into a new house of light, peace and abundance.

They are the gifts of the spirit and are at your fingertips to request… And yes, will have to go through a period of time that will be necessary and appropriate to purify themselves during the experience, without old or new house; in that path of transition period is where you will get the true “light warrior”, where you cannot quit, where your ego will be more expectant that before to remind you how convenient is to go back to the old house.

This my dear ones is what everyone experience when you decide to live in light, it is the path that happening in this moment of their lives. Perhaps this message will help you not to decline, perhaps this message has arrived at the right time, just before you decide to go back your old house… For this reason I tell you have faith and confidence that for each one of you there a tenderly designed home, with tastes and things that each one of you would like to have, with the energy and form you have always wanted; by this I mean not only physical things or materials, but especially in the spiritual and emotional sense.

I could say that is the journey that many light workers have made in this new era and it is the “ticket to change” that thousands of souls that decided to transmute their lives, are buying.

The change and celebration of the new energy always occurs and arrives, as long as they achieve cleaning a purification in the journey, in the transition, that is where you achieve mastering, in learning and thanks to which you get needed experience to help to guide other human that newly initiated and are taking the initiative of changing the new house.

Look at the following detail… it is us, the spirit, guides, higher self, we are always with you, in the old or new house, but there is a difference between one and the other, since If your are in the old house you will be busy fixing the falling ceilings and the walls with cracks of time and energy will be fixed on these earthly aspects, instead in the new house everything will be in harmony and everything will work so well that the attention will be set on you, your own consciousness, interior well-being and not exterior.

This is the story I wanted to tell

And so it is


Channelled by María José Bayard

This channelling published freely with the loving purpose and will to raising spiritual consciousness of the human being. You can share it as many times as you like, provided that publication of the full text mentioning the author and source: Therefore we do not allow the circulation of the same with economic purposes since each content of this page is copyrighted. ¡Thanks a lot!


Messages and teachings of the story (By María José Bayard)

Eventually… after receiving this message for our loved Kryon, I read it repeatedly and I found some details I want to share with you.

Regarding the Analogy of “the house”

For our culture “the house” is the structure that contain us, the place where we sleep, where we spend part of our life, our own “habitat”, our eco-system… in our house we keep our belongings, objects, memories…

¿Why Kryon choose the analogy of “the houses” to identify the transit from an old to a new energy?

Because the transit from an old house to a new one is like a new structure to live if, in other words would be like saying: “the transit of an old consciousness state or reality to a new one”

Going from a house to another requires all the moving, during the same, you leave many things; not only material things, but many memories too, vivid moments, etc. Moving energy from one to another (from one house to other) is the clear representation of what Kryon wants to show us in the above message.

Regarding the custom of the “old house”

¿How many of us had happened to get used to a reality and believe this is natural until we met other different state and vibration.

Has happened to many the fact to get used to a profile, situation, drama, etc. And that represents “what we know” the “comfort area” in which we have always handled, it is hard to leave this state of “passivity” to enter a state of “activity” “¿Activity, in what sense?”… in the sense of being “active” with our consciousness and inner power.

The state of darkness in the old house ignores the state of light in the new house, i.e. “ignore darkness to light”. Personally, it happened to me. I lived 23 years (¡¡¡8,395 days!!!) with a numbed consciousness ignoring light, living life´s drama, full of problems, anxieties, profound sadness, trying to cover or hide with addictions among other things. There were many years I spread, to put it some way, consciousness inactive and dark… until one day something was triggered in me… There were so many problems I had that I could not bear… loaded with baggage so heavy that one day the light warrior woke up in me; from that moment the power of co-creation was so big I decided to leave the “old house” or “state of consciousness” I had lived: ignoring light, hiding my feelings.

Finally the day I left the state of “ignorance” and darkness and I started to see little light, and little by little, I was waking up and walking the path of self-knowledge: lighting my light, love…

If I look back, I almost forgotten the sensation of being in the “old house**”, I forgot it completely… I forgot the feelings I had at that time, since today I am completely neutral regarding the problems I faced then. ¿Did I forget my memories and everything I lived once…? No I didn´t, my memories are in me, only now I am very neutral to those old experiences representing my old dark House.

**I talk about my old House as my old state of consciousness, the old energy, my old “me”

About the ‘old house’ and loads of ancestral DNA

The old house has many load in their DNA, this is a metaphor for the loads in the DNA that has printed the old power.
Staying within the scheme of the old house reality demands much energy, until one day you know or someone shows you, that there is another reality. When that day comes, a glorious and sacred moment of “wake up” occurs.

About the negative attributes of the “old house”

The old house environments are dark… as it says the story (in form of metaphor) is required to spend lots of money and energy on maintaining as much artificial light; this is an analogy of what energy demand caused by flooded living problems, darkness and imbalances in human life.

Dropped ceilings and walls have cracks. Even if you try to cover with plaster, those walls problems are deeper than a simple plaster, today you plaster and tomorrow they re-emerge ¿What does this mean? ¿What does
Kryon wants to tell us with this metaphor?

On many occasions, living in the old House, we prefer to cover or hide problems superficially for fear of facing “the giant” or the depth that they have; to confront them there would be a strong weakening of the “ego” and a state of darkness will be transmuted in one of light and love. Perform this energetic movement means to leave behind the old state of consciousness to open a new one, i.e. leaving the old House and moving (metaphorically) to the new…

Keep all the old scheme is a great wear, why not go to the root of the problem and fix the daily events (cracks in the walls) from the root?… that is the work that proposes the new era. The new energy invites us and opens the door to wake up, to heal our life and clean loads of DNA, for which is necessary to start a journey and evolution path. Requires neutralizing and heal the source of current problems and in this way change them from the root. The root is in the interdimensional DNA.

What to pay for artificial light in the old house (the light that is natural in the new house) represents all energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual wear causing to be sailing in the middle of the storm all the time, trying to end this sometime…
¿Can you get out of the storm? Of course that can be, if you could not, ¿what would be of our existence on this earth and the power of auto-exceed us and the ascension road? as the word clearly states: “path of ascension”. It is a journey that begins one day and then transit different stages, times and circumstances, but in that way we will never be in the same place, since a road is to be travelled and lived, if it does not walk, it remains static or stagnant somewhere, that probably generate our conscience to stagnate also and do not keep up going.

What happens when living in the old house you know intellectually that there is another reality?, is it possible to ignore that reality and decide to stay in the old House?

Yes, of course is possible. In fact, there are those who do it on a daily basis. The old and the new energy live constantly; there is a difference between one and another vision. The old energy ignores the new, instead the new knows and recognizes the old, ¿why?… firstly because the new energy to become that new energy at some point was old, therefore it knows living in both states. Secondly, remember that “darkness ignores light”, while light recognizes the darkness, looks at it with compassion, because it knows that it is devoid of love, it´s empty.

It sometimes happens that people co-exist in an environment where you can breathe an air of people who vibrates in the new energy and people still vibrating in the old. ¿What does it mean the human of the new and old energy?

The old energy is the victimized human, awash with the drama of live, full of problems and that cannot find or go looking for a real solution. The old human is one who feeds of the same drama and is always spinning like an endless scratched disc, in a wheel that plays every moment the same feelings, emotions and situations of pain, anguish and darkness.
The new energy is the human who has woken up to a new reality, a reality of light, love peace, harmony. It is that instead of creating darkness before the problems and challenges of life choose to create light. It is the human living active with his divine connection, with his higher being, with his own spirit and divinity.

It happens that when a person who lives in the old energy sees someone who is demonstrating the new, sometimes, does not encode it. He sees it, but maybe his state of imbalance is so great and so much that simply ignores it. ¿why ignore it? ¿isn´t it wiser to see the light and have clarity?… Yes of course is better, it’s just that leaving the state of awareness (of a house) to the other state (the new house) clearly requires confronting with a path of transition to the new era and a path of challenges: will have to leave the old house (and awareness) and just like Kryon tells us in the story, in the road till we get to the new, we will not have old nor new house and home. It is the road to transition.

About mediation between a House and the other

When a Warrior of light takes the decision to live at home, it starts the path that will lead you towards this. In the middle can happen many things… surely must leave luggage (metaphor or letting emotions, traumas, anger, etc.)… However, mediation between states tends to be in a stage that is more difficult and bewildering for the human being, since you are not in one place or in another. We cannot spend life with one foot in a house and another foot in other… Kryon said once, being in the middle of the road and decide to go back to the old house, i.e. fall again into the darkness, can be more unbalancing.

During the transition, the “empty” generated to then be able to complete and fill the space with the new reality and stadium of light.

Why along the way from the old to the new House things or objects of which we have to detach are lost?

Because properly we must release and purify ourselves during the trip. If you have read the channelling “Parable: The Shoemaker” will see that the character of the story had to release their emotions and get rid of all the weight accumulated during its years of existence in order to feel better and purify your spirit.

“An old energy has to die before a new is reborn” “On the evolution path we leave things, simply because they are no longer necessary for the next state to which we wish to arrive”

The metaphor of sleep…

As you will read in the story, before arriving at the new House, the character (you) dreamed the night before that was already in the new House: dreamed of the new garden, with your new bathroom, etc. feeling and experiencing what is like living there. ¿What does this mean?… in this dream Kryon speaks (in the form of metaphor) “feel the feeling of experiencing the new reality” “connect with the quantum reality we want to” even though we are not living it in a literal way, but in a quantum state as it is in this case the dream.

Probably he wanted to transmit this metaphor to know we can feel the feeling and activate in the field of endless possibilities the state or reality which we wish to arrive in 4D.

About the positive attributes of the “new House and home”

The new House is beautiful, a very special energy vibrates… peace is felt, harmony, happiness, love, make the cells vibrate (analogy of activating our divinity)… everything works perfectly and has natural light.

The final stretch of road…

Right in the final stretch, a great duality generates, on one hand you think that you should return or have returned in time, but on the other hand, there is something that seems to want to move forward. ¿What does it want to tell us?… On one hand that the profile and state of light lead us forward, tells us that there is a force that pushes us forward. However on the other hand a duality generates, since the state of darkness wants to go back, darkness becomes alert and wants to bring us back to the old place.

What happens when you see the new House and reality…

When you see the new House and reality, it is so beautiful and different that you cannot believe it. You think it maybe someone else´s, you can´t believe it is for him or her (for you). In this expression of the story there is a theme of self-esteem and merit.

From generation to generation, we have inherited this theme of the merit and we must strive in life to accomplish things, there is an issue with sacrifice… in most cases nobody taught us that we deserved the divine abundance and prosperity while we inhabit the earth.

We live in a culture of sacrifice. Where everything you want to achieve in life should cost, and the day we get it we don´t have health and energy to enjoy what we have achieved. A very demanding and rigid society that has accompanied us on the interdimensional DNA until today.

In an interview, the Dalai Lama was asked: ¿What surprises most of humanity?
To which he replied:
“The men, because they lose health to accumulate money and then lose money to regain health
And thinking about the future, they don´t live the present, in such a way that they live neither the present nor the future.
They live as if they were not to never die, and die as if they had never lived”

Finally: approaches of the name on the door of the new House and Home:

We all have the potential of light.

Interdimensionally we all have our house and home, there our name is written. Every human being has, that house in the house of love, peace, abundance, harmony, spirituality and divine abundance.

The new House door was open. The interdimensional gate that lead us to the light is always open, doesn´t have any locks… the human itself is the key that can open it whenever you want.
“Your wish and intention are the key that can open the door to the light”

With all my affection, love and service

So it is, so it is, so is.

María José Bayard

How do The Quantic Symbols of Kryon work?

The symbols are “Portals”, “Means”, “Channels” and “Cosmic Beams” which act on the energetic DNA and support us with the transformation of the old energies like: traumas, sorrows, distresses, fears, etc.

What are the Quantic Symbols of Kryon?

The symbols are beacons of light and consciences that are “alive” in a multidimensional plane. Each symbol opens a portal throughout the curing and healing energies…

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